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An entire IT Department for your business at a fraction of the cost

RemoteIT is like having an IT department living inside your computer all the time, that IT department being me – the same guy you’ve been trusting with all of your IT needs for the last 10 years now here in Eastman, GA and surrounding areas.

What RemoteIT offers is a way for me to immediately respond to any disaster that occurs with any covered home or business computer or server as well as many additional advantages.

RemoteIT provides an advanced, secure, connection between my computer and yours which allows me (and only me – I’m not hiring a subcontractor or outsourcing this service) to quickly and easily connect to a computer experiencing some sort of malfunction, diagnose the problem, and fix it – or if necessary come by and “get my hands dirty”.

For example:   Let’s say you’ve stopped receiving email in Outlook – you can call me or send a text to my phone, I’ll connect to your computer within minutes and under most circumstances should be able to determine what is causing the email trouble within 5 minutes and correct the issue – I’ll let you know that it’s been handled and disconnect. You won’t receive a bill because you’ve prepaid for the service.

Another example: Let’s say you’ve been a victim of Cryptolocker virus, or some variant – and you’ve lost all of your important files and documents – with our Professional RemoteIT package we perform daily incremental backups of 100% of your computer or server data and can have everything restored to a time prior to the infection. No ransom paid, no major losses. 

In addition to this invaluable service, each covered computer or server will be monitored to ensure that it is working at optimal performance by:

  • Backing up your data on a daily basis.
  •  Patch management of Windows and other vital software
  •  Ensuring that Antivirus software is working and updating as it should.
  •  Scheduled maintenance and monthly defragmentation of hard drives.
  •  Regular virus checks and cleanup – to ensure that your data is safe and secure.


Corporate discounts available for groups of 5 computers or more. Call for pricing.

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