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The last few months have been incredibly busy for Oxley Performance Computing; We’ve formed an LLC, Windows XP has reached End of Life, and we’ve made some great deals with suppliers to be able to provide awesome machines at outstanding prices.

All of these things have made us rethink the future of computing for home users and businesses alike, so we decided to try our hand at a new line of Personal Computers. Enter the Intel NUC – or Next Unit of Computing.

This 5 inch x 5 inch square packs a LOT of punch – they are built to order and available with fourth generation Intel Core i3 and Core i5 processors and up to 16GB of super fast DDR3 – to top it all off they use state of the art SSD drives for extremely fast read/write times in storage, making these machines the fastest computers many end users have ever used – booting up in less than 20 seconds.

NUCs are also Green technology – only using 65 watts of power under full load, compared to a similarly powerful desktop computer, which can use nearly 300 watts under load. They are easy to set up in your home or hide away behind your TV or monitor, and generate almost no heat even under the most intense applications – and all with virtually no noise at all.

With 4x USB 3.0 inputs, and an HDMI and a Display Port output – and an unbelievable 3 year warranty these machines are perfect for just about any application: Home theater systems, office setups, and because they have the latest Intel HD graphics they can even play modern games pretty darn well. All in this tiny little box!

In the last month we’ve built 14 of these tiny little powerhouses. Our customers are as impressed by their power and performance as they are at their size, with the ability to run many instances of Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Blender, and many other applications without batting an eye.

Big things really do come in small packages, and I truly believe that for the mainstream market – the Intel NUC and machines like it – are indeed the future of computing.

Can OPC help you with a custom built NUC?

If so – call us at 478-285-2514 or email us and don’t forget to check out OPC on Facebook!

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